Advanced Planning

Most people think of funeral planning as being difficult and painful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Advanced planning takes away the stress and focuses on the individual’s celebrations and wishes. Whether you just want to plan or also want to fund your plan, whatever your wishes are, the sky’s the limit – literally, as one of our clients requested their remains be used in a firework.

Why Advanced Planning?

Many people who pre-plan their final arrangements do so after making final arrangements for a loved one, saying, “I just went through this with a family member who passed, and I don’t want my loved ones to have to go through the same thing for me.” Advanced planning minimizes at-need decisions and reduces the stress on the family.

Other planners are seeking peace of mind. There is comfort in knowing that your final wishes are documented and planned for.

What if I don’t know what I want?

Our Advanced Planning Specialist will get to know you and what’s important to you and can help you find the options that feel right for you and your situation. They will take you through the process and make it feel like you’re just talking with a friend and having a lighthearted conversation about what makes you happy and what is important to you. For example, one client expressed she wanted to be present for her 3 daughters and made a plan to be put into 3 trees that the daughters could plant.

Also, keep in mind that you can change your mind and your plan. Plans are flexible and can be altered at any time.

Do I have to fund it now?

No, pre-funding is not required for pre-planning. You can start a plan at any time and fund it later. When you are ready to fund your plan, there are numerous payment options available.

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“When you look back at your life, it should bring you joy.”

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