Why Preplan Your Funeral?

The decision to preplan your funeral is a very personal one. It is very normal to approach this decision with a great amount of anxiety due to the sensitivity that can surround this subject. Those who ultimately take the important step of documenting their wishes regarding their funeral and ultimately sharing these decisions with loved ones usually express a great sense of comfort and relief.

How do I start the process?

Begin by identifying what you and your family need and want for a funeral and how much you can afford. You should know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Funeral Rule regulates funeral providers. The rule protects consumers by requiring all funeral homes to provide a General Price List with the current cost of each item and service offered. The price list must also disclose information about your right of selection, embalming, containers for cremation, cash advances and any required purchases.

Cash advances are for goods and services that may be paid for by the funeral provider on your behalf, such as death certificates, flowers, obituaries, a cemetery plot & marker, or clergy honoraria, luncheon.

Please contact:

Sandi Speranza to begin the discussion about your pre-planning needs.