When we lose a loved one, it may be difficult to visit their final resting place as often as we wish. Sometimes, it is not possible at all. But we can still honor them by creating a memorial.

Creating a lasting memorial for a loved one can be personal, or shared with family members and friends of the deceased. A memorial can serve as an alternative to visiting a gravesite and act as a place to pay respects or pray. Creating a lasting memorial goes beyond a traditional burial site and gives the opportunity for you to be creative and unique.

Here are some tips and ideas for creating your unique memorial:

  1. Make it personal – Incorporate photos, mementos, or items that remind you of your loved one or a specific memory you shared.
  2. Create a place to visit – You can have a plaque installed in a park, on a bench, on a walking path, at a stadium, or somewhere that commemorates them. This place can also become a space for you to create new memories that feel like you’re sharing them with your loved one.
  3. Host a gathering at home – Invite others to share stories, bring photo albums, or create a video to celebrate their memory while doing something fun and uplifting.
  4. Unveil a memorial dedication – Dedicate all or part of a park, playground, pavilion, stadium or theatre, an art installation, or land trust in your loved one’s name.
  5. Develop a scholarship fund – If you have the means to fund a scholarship in your loved one’s name, you can give a student with similar interests or attends the same school as them.
  6. Plant a memorial garden – Find a space to fill with flowers and plants that will evoke fond memories of your loved one.
  7. Build a memorial website – A website can act as a place for others to share memories, photos, videos, and send regards to your loved one on their birthday or on holidays.
  8. Keep them with you – Did you know there are artists who incorporate ashes into their work? Ashes of loved ones can be made into statues, painted into portraits, or even inked into tattoos. Some artists also use fingerprints to create unique jewelry.
  9. Go green – For those who love the planet, ashes can be used with seeds to plant a tree, or used to create a reef to help rebuild the ocean’s coral ecosystems.

Creating a lasting memorial is about honoring your loved one and providing a way for you to connect with them in a way that feels true to their character and your relationship. It will be a special experience regardless of how you choose to commemorate them.

If you’d rather go a more traditional route in creating your memorial, you can find some of the ways we can help here.

Our staff can help simplify arrangements and help you find a casket or urn designed to meet your personal needs. If you’re not sure where to begin, let us help. We’re happy to offer ideas or answer any questions you may have. We are here to support you in any way we can. Please reach out to us anytime.