There are so many details to consider when a loved one passes, but working with the right funeral home can help eliminate undue stress in an already emotionally exhausting time. So how do you know if it’s the right fit for you? Here are some of the questions we recommend asking as you begin your search.

What Types of Services Do You Provide and Can I Personalize the Service?

From green burials to personalized services with your special details intertwined throughout the day, it is important that your loved one’s preference of service is offered by the funeral home you choose. While some funeral homes specialize in one kind of service, others have a variety of offerings such as the option to go green as well as traditional. Asking about what they offer will get you off to the right start. If personalization is important to you, consider asking specific questions like whether they can facilitate the burning of incense, releasing doves or, if your loved one is military, include honor guards/escorts. Being upfront about these requests will help put your mind at ease.

What Faiths Do You Serve?

The beauty of the United States is the diversity of beliefs, cultures, and faiths. The right funeral home will make you feel comfortable and work to include the special pieces from your own faith or culture into the service. We recommend asking upfront for the things you would like to see, so the funeral home can tell you whether or not they can accommodate your needs. For example, if you would like a church service, ask the funeral director if they can facilitate the service off-site.

How Are You Handling Funerals During the Pandemic?

Health and safety are top priority for any reputable funeral home. However, in light of the recent pandemic, further adjustments need to have been made to stop the spread of COVID-19, so it’s important to ask what the funeral home is doing to mitigate the spread and make everyone comfortable. We recommend asking additional questions such as…

Are there more hand sanitizing stations?
Will services be limited and socially distanced?
Are there online options for guests to be part of the service if they aren’t physically present?

Ensure that the funeral home you choose is following the important guidelines laid out by the state and that you feel safe with the strategies they are putting in place.

Where Can I Find Testimonials?

It goes without saying that you want to choose the best funeral home for your loved one, and an important indicator is that others have had a positive experience working with them. While we often check reviews when choosing a place to eat, you should also check reviews of the funeral homes you are considering for your loved one. You can find testimonials about Ryan Funeral Home here.

What Is Your Community Involvement?

Another good indicator is the community involvement of the particular funeral home. Are the owners part of any associations or organizations such as the National Association of Funeral Directors? Are the owners local to the area and do they have well-established connections within the community? Do they have a network of grief counselors they can connect you with? These are important factors that will tell you about the overall connectivity of the funeral home.

What Packages Do You Offer?

Another factor to consider when choosing a funeral home is cost. From very basic packages to all-inclusive packages, which can include every detail from burial to service, you will want to be aware of the price points. A reputable funeral home will be upfront and honest with you about the cost and will not hesitate to provide you with their prices. Many will also work with the budget you have, offering suggestions that will help your money go further.

Do You Offer Pre-Arrangements?

Pre-arranging your service and burial is often thought of as something that’s done by an individual ahead of time, for when they themselves pass away. When you’re arranging a funeral for someone else, something you might not think about is whether you’d like to make arrangements for yourself to be memorialized with that person when your time comes. This is another pre-planning option that many funeral homes can accommodate.

You want to honor your loved one who has passed, and part of doing that is allowing the experts to make their wishes come true. Just like with any other major life event, it is important to pick a funeral home you trust and that has your best interests at heart. Make sure you are confident and comfortable with their abilities to meet your specific needs and don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask for references.

If you have questions about how we can help you here at Ryan Funeral Home, contact us here.